Cheese Dairy

The idea to offer our guests something special, which could remind them of a holiday with us in Jachenau, was the beginning of our cheese story.
Everybody likes to take a souvenir home, something that reminds about the most beautiful days of a year and livens up daily life.
In a wine-growing region these would be a few bottles of what you have tasted on holiday.
But since vineyards are in limited supply in Jachenau, we came up with a different idea.
As the advertising slogan says: "Milk makes it", we have started to make cheese from milk since 1999.
A semi-hard creamy cheese from Jachenau raw milk.
And a name was also found right away:
The "Jachenauer Bergbauernkäse"

In the first years, our farm cheese maker Ms. Genoveva Fischer made our cheese, and since 2002 Sepp Orterer himself has been responsible for the cheese production.

After attending various farm cheese courses at the Dairy School in Kempten and through a constant cooperation with our Fisher Vevi, we have acquired the necessary know-how. On the dairy farm our guests can watch how cheese is made as well as taste the final product.

We will be happy to send you cheese as well.