Our alpine pasture

Built in 1868, Staffelalm is located at 1320 m above sea level below the Rabenkopf.

The history of this building at the beginning of 20th century is exciting. A young painter, who lived between Murnauer Moos and Kochelsee, visited the then dairymaid during summer months from about 1900 - 1914. During these visits the artist made some paintings on the pasture. Among others there were two wall motifs - a bull's head and a deer with doe.

And this painter was none other than Franz Marc, one of the founders of the "Blue Rider". However, this expressionist style of painting was so abstract to alpine pasture staff at that time that after many years the "deer with doe" was whitewashed. Only thanks to our grandfather, who was the last to see the painting, and through the preservation of works of arts was possible to expose the motif partly under 3 mm thick whitewashes.

Now the hiker comes back to admire these paintings. During alpine summer our dairymaids are looking forward to your visit.  With a hearty snack you can enjoy a wonderful view of surrounding mountains.